Jack Allen, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, Whatever You Do, Inc.

In addition to his experience as the chairman of a successful business, Jack has participated in may business programs such as the Disney University Leadership Course, Adizes Management Methodology Training, Kolbe Corporations Executive Program and Peter Senge Seminars.

Jack is actively involved with several groups that are helping to transform public education. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and a member of the OSU School of Business Hall of Fame.

The authors of several articles dealing with corporate culture, vision and Management Methodology. Jack has developed other Business Products for tools to help companies and he has written the book "Little Red ... The Complete Story" and is working on a new book.

If you would like a personalized tour of the CFR facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, please contact: jack@whateveryoudo.com.

You can reach Jack via email at jack@whateveryoudo.com or by telephone at (918) 712-5230.