2001 AMS Users' Group National Conference Session Evaluations

Fireman's Fund Leadership Team
Chicago, IL

Michelle Rupp, CEO
Nowogroski Rupp Insurance Group
Seattle WA

Jim Roberts, Sales Manager
Harold W. Wells & Son Inc.
Wilmington, NC

Fireman's Fund Leadership Team, Chicago, IL

"While my own MO was not a surprise to me, it was helpful to gain further insight on others although I wasn't surprised by most of theirs either. It did however make me much more cognizant and appreciative of others behaviors. One of the biggest eye openers for me was learning that all those things I have felt were deficiencies in my work habits are actually OK. (I never wanted to fold anyone's parachute anyway)."

"I believe anyone with direct reports would find this beneficial. (work assignments, goal setting, develop plans etc). I also enjoyed Sherry & Jack's real life examples. Sometimes when you go to seminars, the presenters leave you feeling like they are & always were perfect and you have so far to go. Sherry & Jack left me feeling like they were part of the family."

"A great deal of Service team interaction occurs by e-mail and conference call magnifying the potential for misunderstanding of intentions or misperceptions. Utilization of Kolbe will certainly lead to more understanding of the instinctive talents of individuals throughout the Region which will allow us to communicate more effectively."