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The Conative Connection by Kathy Kolbe
Pure Instinct Business' Untapped Resource by Kathy Kolbe

Kathy Kolbe

As a Quick Start/Follow Thru, Kathy Kolbe is a theorist with incredible energy. Her natural instinct to innovate has allowed her to create a successful company whose mission is to help people find the freedom to be themselves.

Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, athletes, celebrities, and just plain folks around the world have all benefited from Kathy's ground-breaking work on the power of natural human instincts.

After working on her toughest, and most rewarding task of raising two kids, Kathy began her professional career by working to improve elementary and high school education. This crusade included convincing school districts to begin teaching problem solving skills. It also included developing materials that thousands of teachers and schools used to instill these skills in kids, and inspired the kids to reach their intellectual potential. This was the beginning of the Kolbe Pure Instinct System, and it earned Kathy recognition in numerous magazines, television shows, and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, the ABC Nightly News, and USA Today. In the 1985 "Man of the Year" issue, Time magazine named Kathy Kolbe one of seven Americans who possess the spirit to inspire.

She then wrote her widely acclaimed best-seller, The Conative Connection, which explains her revolutionary theories on instincts and her statistically-proven methodology for building on individuals' innate strength.

The techniques Kathy developed to identify people's instinctive talents also proved their worth in the business world. Kathy and her company, Kolbe Corp, became leading consultants to businesses such as Hershey Foods, the Phoenix Suns basketball team, and IBM. Her alma mater is Northwestern University.

In each phase of her career, Kathy has focused on finding ways to help people find the freedom to be themselves and make the most of their god-given talents. Now, in addition to working with families and individuals, she is spending as much time as possible with her kids and grandkids.