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Instincts & Crisis by Kathy Kolbe

Dear Friends,

Since September 11th, whenever I say goodbye to loved ones at the airport I remind them: Trust your instincts. When I see worry on their faces, I tell them: Trust your instincts.

When you hear FBI warnings telling you to "be aware," remember the same message: Trust Your Instincts.

Terrorists try to prevent us from doing just that. They toy with our minds. They want us frozen with fear. They can't achieve their goals through direct action, so they seek to overwhelm their opponent with terror. They want us to stop taking action. They want to replace our instincts for action with feelings of fear, anger, or hate.

Another mind game they play is trying to get us to rationalize our every response. Instincts drive us to action. Hesitating to act on your instincts can cost you valuable response time. If they can get us to doubt our instincts, they buy critical time.

Law enforcement experts are assuring us that they take our suspicions seriously. We must do the same. Police departments have told us for years that the best way to protect ourselves from danger is to trust our instincts. "If you sense danger, run," is not new advice. More than ever, we need to heed it.

Instincts are our innate way of communicating our needs. If terrorists can get you to doubt your instincts, you won't communicate as effectively. If they get us to doubt each others' instincts they will have disarmed us as a society.

We each come fully equipped with this highly dependable resource for dealing with unknown dangers. Instincts are our internal radar. "Being aware" means overriding our emotional fears and intellectual doubts and truly using this essential tool.

We offer our sadness and sympathy; we also want to offer our help. It is time to take action. You and I know about this bedrock of strength. Now let us put the lessons to use.

Please trust your instincts, and help those around you realize the need to be confident in their use of this God-given power.