2001 AMS Users' Group National Conference Session Evaluations

Fireman's Fund Leadership Team
Chicago, IL

Michelle Rupp, CEO
Nowogroski Rupp Insurance Group
Seattle WA

Jim Roberts
Harold W. Wells & Son Inc.
Wilmington, NC

Jim Roberts, Sales Manager
Harold W. Wells & Son Inc., Wilmington, NC


As usual you've hit the nail squarely on the proverbial head. Two years ago, I saw the world of insurance, and my own personal world, in a way that was predictable and uninspiring. Everyday was the same, and would end the same way. Today, I get a rush out of reading and imagining a culture that you talk about. The really exciting thing is that we are taking our agency and starting from scratch, implementing a few very basic changes that are making a tremendous difference.

The changes are considered "dramatic" compared to what our employees are accustomed to. To me, because I "think" differently now, the changes are so simple and basic I'm asking myself, why didn't we implement these years ago. The answer to that question is very simple, I had not met Jack Allen yet.

In my sincerest words, YOU helped me to realize that insurance is the smallest part of what we do each and every day. Developing people and our organization is what I get the most satisfaction from. Your presentation at "Dare to Soar" was the cat-a-list that has inspired me to try new ideas and more importantly, open my eyes to looking at situations and ideas in a new way. Thanks. I know it has made me a better person.

I have given our managers a copy of "little red", from the October issue and challenged them to open their minds when they read it. This next chapter will blow their minds if they think about ways to implement these ideas in our own organization.

Your next chapter is fantastic. It really emphasizes the role in communications in a dynamic culture.

(You have made some EXCELLENT additions to your first draft. I believe it is very ready for the world to see and absorb. In the words of the character Kramer on Seinfeld "this is out there Jerry!"

Remember you have created a Jack, Jr. here in NC and I'm trying to get these ideas across to our owners. Slow down and let me keep up. Your vision and energy are amazing. Keep up the great work. Our industry is very fortunate to have a Jack Allen.)

Can't wait to see you again.

Your advocate,