2001 AMS Users' Group National Conference Session Evaluations

Fireman's Fund Leadership Team
Chicago, IL

Michelle Rupp, CEO
Nowogroski Rupp Insurance Group
Seattle WA

Jim Roberts, Sales Manager
Harold W. Wells & Son Inc.
Wilmington, NC

Michelle Rupp, CEO,
Nowogroski Rupp Insurance Group
, Seattle WA

"Oh my Gosh!!! That is so cool. We use several types of tests of various kinds since we are all many facets. This is just really cool. It just nailed me!!! What is so great is it gives me permission to keep on doing what I am doing. When I am more stressed (luckily I am in a GREAT job for my type, I think) it is because I haven't "done" things the way I would love to see them. In other words, it is hard for me to manage in the way I would like to - by reviewing our numbers, charts and graphs religiously because "something" always gets in the way. Now I know why! I am just going to celebrate what I do best and delegate the rest!!!!"